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Dancing Garden Mirrors ©
...give you a new way to bring a bit of enchantment to your surroundings.

One master gardener describes them as "the most magical thing I have put in my garden."

Dancing Garden Mirrors © are the perfect garden accessory. They drape over tree branches, and move with the slightest breeze. This magic garden decoration reflects any source of light, including sun, moon, interior home and Christmas lights.

Think of them as garden art. They sparkle, shimmer, flicker and generally "dance" over your gardens and are guaranteed to delight the young at heart, ages 2 to 92.

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Currently Dancing Garden Mirrors are being sold at garden nurseries, gift stores, book stores and on the Web.

Magic Garden Mirrors make a memorable and cherished wedding favor. If you order two (2) months in advance, we'll mention the bride and groom's names (and their wedding date) on the instruction insert.